White House Issues New Update on Curbing Gun Violence…It Won’t

Just received a communique from my Inside source at the White House.

The White House

Big update on plan to reduce gun violence

The U.S. Senate just took a big step toward reducing gun violence and making the country a safer place. This week, the Judiciary Committee voted to send to the Senate floor four different pieces of legislation that:

  • Require background checks for all gun sales;
  • Create new federal offenses for gun trafficking;
  • Ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition; and
  • Strengthen safety at schools.

There’s a lot more work to do — even for this legislation to get a vote.

But this is a major step forward.

You’ve already expressed an interest in this policy discussion, and we’re sure you know other folks who are following this debate. Regardless of where you come down on these specific proposals, we’re all united in the ultimate goal — reducing the amount of gun violence in this country and making America a safer place for our kids.

Will you help to make sure that everyone has the latest information by forwarding this message along?

P.S. — The Vice President talked more about where we are in this fight in a new feature we’ve just put on the White House website. Check out Being Biden.


Ohhh God…. “Being Biden”? Is THAT the solution here? Because all the other ‘solutions’ listed are feel good non-starters.

3 thoughts on “White House Issues New Update on Curbing Gun Violence…It Won’t

  1. Here’s the only problem to your answer on “gun control”, Dan Bongino, former secret service agent who served the Obama administration quit and came forward about the “real agenda” . And make no mistake, he said and I quote, “behind closed doors they do not use the deceitful language they use in front of the people. They are moving toward a totalitarian style socialist style gun ban. This fact is supported by the UN Treaty that Obama openly supports. Within lies a “unilateral nationwide global small arms ban” , but not for the government and police that then ALL the power shifts to. Then we have no private sector military and police. Prior service oath keepers. Armed to stand vigilant watchman to the tyranny of corporate bankers. The fight as it is often mis quoted the question…..”how do you expect to stand up to the government with tanks and jets? This is where people fail to follow history. We the people stand as a militia TO AID OUR GOVERNMENT!!!! If any faction attempts to seize power. That is part of the deception. To paint all watchmen, all militia, as being anti-government. We are not. We are pro liberty, pro Constitution. It is by following this demoralization and destruction of the middle class by large corporate entities and a federal reserve that was in itself the actual criminal perpetration in and of itself. I find honor in your voice. Reason as well. And it is not easy to admit we have been deceived….. By BOTH parties or factions within. Throughout history we have learned that allowing only the government to own force of arms alone, following painfully behind is misplaced power, sought or un sought, by a beheamouth that is the military industrial corporate and govt. Owned complex. There are a rouge faction of oligarchs ……puppet masters pitting us against each other. And all through the Bank of England, Federal Reserve……etc. For only committing a pittance of the crimes these CEOs commit we as the public do 10 times the time. It is time for a reckoning.
    1Democrat. Dennis Kuccinich
    1Republican. Ron Paul

    • Tom,
      I appreciate your comment. This was a post straight from a WH memo…. When I posted it, I saw the reader could not distinguish from what the WH sent out and my take on it…
      Except in the title and the final comment about “Being Biden”.

      Our gov’t was not chartered to control people nor their Freedoms.It has morphed and been bastardized (as the Founders knew it would)into its present form
      I appreciate your comment and urge you to read my other posts to get a true picture of my opinions and thought processes.
      FREEDOM is precious and should be protected at all costs and from all interlopers.

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