GOP Throne Thoughts— From the Porcelain Desk of Honesty

I was sitting on my throne… yes THAT one, and it came to me.
Just how the hell do the Democrats win?
It’s quite simple really, once I put the ‘ooomph’ into my thoughts.

They are a conglomeration of diehard, rabidly devoted, one issue ego-maniacs that do not acknowledge the opponents point-of-view.
The Republicans are a like a pair of fighting siblings. They know how to behave and they mean well, but they still get on the wrong side of Dad’s belt.
The GOP finds itself fighting on several fronts, divided against a myriad of combatants coming from every angle and every conceivable issue. From Illegal Immigration, to Gay Rights, to Austerity and Abortion and “Womens Rights” the GOP is standing with one hand behind its back flailing madly back and forth with its shield trying to fend off the overwhelming onslaught of ‘progressive’ minions trying to exorcise righteousness and proven governmental practices from the Republic.
We saw this with the Civil Rights Movement (which was the last true bonafide righteous uprising) where people took to the streets in protest over mistreatment. We saw it with Vietnam, the ERA, various union strikes in the 70’s, and more importantly, the exclusion of God from schools and the infiltration of liberalism into the Primary School System.

The GOP tried to hold the ground on ALL fronts while systematically losing ground to each movement. Unions died once companies started their overseas investments. The ERA died not from anything the GOP did, but once Gov’t funded abortions became legal , you saw ZERO push for more “womens rights” since (maybe a token push on wages, but NOTHING like the effort put into the Abortion fight).

The GOP has always been on the defensive, trying to keep the progressive surge in check and muted. But, as we’ve seen, the tidal wave of ignorance brought from poor education was brought to the fore with the election and Reelection of Obama.

So what is the answer for the right wing?

Education. Involvement. Dedication. Loyalty. Common defense of the common man. The Twitter wars between different elements of the rising right must diminish. We are on the SAME side. Atleast we’re supposed to be.
The opposition are DEMOCRATS. We need to support all those that carry the “Do not tread on me” banner. The Freedom banner. The LIBERTY banner. We’ll have some trolls and some infiltrators, but we then strike back hard and demand proper debate for their arguments.

The GOP is on life support. It MAY stay alive in name only, but it is forever changed.

White House Issues New Update on Curbing Gun Violence…It Won’t

Just received a communique from my Inside source at the White House.

The White House

Big update on plan to reduce gun violence

The U.S. Senate just took a big step toward reducing gun violence and making the country a safer place. This week, the Judiciary Committee voted to send to the Senate floor four different pieces of legislation that:

  • Require background checks for all gun sales;
  • Create new federal offenses for gun trafficking;
  • Ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition; and
  • Strengthen safety at schools.

There’s a lot more work to do — even for this legislation to get a vote.

But this is a major step forward.

You’ve already expressed an interest in this policy discussion, and we’re sure you know other folks who are following this debate. Regardless of where you come down on these specific proposals, we’re all united in the ultimate goal — reducing the amount of gun violence in this country and making America a safer place for our kids.

Will you help to make sure that everyone has the latest information by forwarding this message along?

P.S. — The Vice President talked more about where we are in this fight in a new feature we’ve just put on the White House website. Check out Being Biden.


Ohhh God…. “Being Biden”? Is THAT the solution here? Because all the other ‘solutions’ listed are feel good non-starters.

My 1-Sided Twitter Expression of Dissent To Gabby Giffords

This is getting habitual. I Tweet. I have always been a twit so, hey, it’s natural. I’ve run my mouth, I like to now I tweet. Last time, I ripped a good sized hole in Piers Morgan about the Second Amendment and today, after seeing this photoGiffords
I decided to touch base and respectfully let Mrs.Giffords know how I felt about her present stance.

The limitations of Twitter are overwhelming. 140 characters means alot of nuance and alot of meandering and alot of feelgood BS must be thrown out. Mrs. Giffords (and her family) suffered a awful tragedy. A lunatic, deranged and seriously disturbed, set about to kill and maim as many innocent individuals he could that day.
Like Morgan, I don’t expect replies from the Giffords camp. I DO expect they’ll take note of who and what I am. I DO expect that I’ll be vetted and noted. I DO expect them to pay some attention to the tweets and then simply let them scroll on by.
But my point is that I’m not giving any more ground. Not an inch. Not in this lifetime. I will tangle horns and debate with whoever, whenever over whatever I see that they’re doing, in my humble opinion, wrong.
These people CRAVE silence. They CRAVE people turning a blind eye to the events of today. They CRAVE the negligence that the citizens have so wonderfully committed. The Apathy and the disregard for the importance of the very Freedoms that are being taken for granted.

So bear with me.. here’s another one-sided mono-Twitter-log:
TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
@GabbyGiffords #tcot #tlot #ccot Pic shows a smiling lady that had gr8 placement o rds/What it doesn’t show is that weapon was a tool Pt2

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
@GabbyGiffords #tcot #ccot #tlot the tool,used by sane lady or hubby, is used responsibly/2deny othr sane Americans the same is shrtsidedPt4

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
@GabbyGiffords #tcot #tlot shrtsided@ best&tragic@ worst/I cringd whn shooting happened& wordscant convey my sorrow @ ur injuries. pt5—>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
@GabbyGiffords #2ndAmendment cant b infringed/Evn founders qualified #2a by their writing requiring ‘moral and riteous’ ppl. #tcot #tlot #p2

@NRA #tcot @GregWHoward Just completed a series o #2ndamendment tweets 2 @GabbyGiffords reinforcing morality of #2A

As I said, I respectfully expressed my dissent to her via Twitter. It’s ironic that this picture even exists, because it originated during a 2010 campaign stop where she was trying to look ‘tougher’.

One can easily be jaded in todays political world where people capitalize on every event for political gain (ohh h Rahm? “Never let a crisis go to waste”). So excuse me for seriously contemplating that these self professed gun people (the Giffords) are using Sandy Hook, Aurora, and even her own tragedy for political gain? That’s a callous and perhaps unfounded conclusion, but wait… didn’t she campaign on ‘toughness’? Didn’t she proudly proclaim her very own appreciation of guns?

Didn’t Columbine and the Amish School Shooting in 2006 and any number of other gangland style urban shootings happen before her campaign shooting? So if it hadn’t swayed them before her tragedy, then it must have been the event that tripped the trigger, so to speak. But wait… didn’t Mark Giffords say ‘don’t blame the gun’ early on after the tragedy (I’m chasing down the quote and will source it if I can find it)

The point reamins, the 2ndAmendment is NOT for the celeb-cause of the day. It has protected our Freedoms and Liberty for well over 230 years. It is the REASON the other Freedoms are still semi-intact.
Learn it, Love it, LIVE it.

My 1 Sided 2nd Amendment Argument With Piers Morgan via Twitter

I don’t like being told what I should do by a European. Or by anyone else. Those people ofcourse are not limited to Europeans. Their leftist, goodwill based idiocy runs the gamut, but all have one thing in common… They want Utopia.
Our Founding Fathers used the preceding 2000 yrs of history as a guide to lead them to the specific reigns to put on government.

A MORAL and ARMED populace were necessary to guarantee those freedoms. Knowing that, I have one mission. To educate and refute Liberals.

Well, I have taken upon myself the task of reaching out to one of these misguided people. Piers Morgan(@piersmorgan on twitter). Piers is a Brit. He was born a Brit, raised a Brit, commited a crime as a Brit. And sees fit to lecture us as a Brit.

I’ve had some comments for him before when he took on Ben Shapiro, Ted Nugent and Dana Loesch concerning Gun Control. But on Sunday the 3rd of March 2013, I decided to unload my entire thoughts about why we (as Free Peoples) need a gun such as the Ar15 with HiCap Mags.

Here are the tweets in order:
TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#tcot #tlot #ccot #p2 @piersmorgan How many times does it take being destroyd n the Gun Deb8 4 u 2 start undrstanding gun RIGHTS? Pt 2 —->

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#tcot #tlot #p2 #ccot @piersmorgan 1)We Americans r NOT euros 2)We CHERISH independence 3)We hve GOD Givn RIGHTS that NO man can take Pt3–>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #tlot #tcot #p2 @piersmorgan 4)Our CONSTITUTION gives us ability (& rights) 2 change our Gov’t. &2 do that, we r 2 remain ARMED pt5->

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #tlot #p2 @piersmorgan 5)In our Constitution only 1RIGHT protects the others… the #2A/ W/o that right allothrs r vulnerable Pt6—>
TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #p2 #tcot #tlot @piersmorgan 6)We hve infringemnts 2the #2A already.manylaws on books/Like illegal transfrs(#Fastandfurious) Pt7—>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #pt2 #tcot #tlot @piersmorgan Where IS ur outcry ovr THAT? (#fastandfurious) Becuzu think .Gov has good intents? Pt8—>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #p2 #tcot #tlot @piersmorgan 8)The fact of the matter is that mental illness is a DANGER2 society. More of a danger than GUNS. pt9—>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#CCOT #P2 #TCOT #TLOT @piersmorgan There is NO reason 2rob me of my selfdefense,aganst tyranny or crime becuz o some whacko in Colo. pt9–>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #pt2 #tcot #tlot @piersmorgan Its been said that ‘proof is in the pudding’ U r bleeding viewrs. Ulose gun deb8 nightly. pt10–>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #tlot #tcot #p2 @piersmorgan therefore it is only reasonable 2 recollect ur thoughts& ur conclusions & determine via evidence…Pt11->

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#p2 #ccot #tcot #tlot @piersmorgan That ur arguments r folly evn if based on good will& good intentions/The USA will nvr be quietly disarmd

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #p2 #tcot #tlot @piersmorgan Nor does it need 2b. There r sick ppl in all nations/ Disrming the healthy does not fix the sick/ U Lose

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #p2 #tlot #tcot @Piersmorgan U seem like a reasonable fellow. stubborn, but reasonable. Umust reconsidr stance &conclude u r wrong

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#tcot #tlot #p2 Just got dun w/12part Tweet series 2 @piersmorgan &his thickheadedness abt #2A/ His ignorance o American way shows thru..Sad

As you can see, there is no REAL factual based argument for disarming honest, law abiding, morally rooted Americans. And there is scant reason to disarm the nutjobs either. When you assume someone is guilty because of their proclivities, demographics or conditions, you are judging the person before a crime is committed.
Our court system harkens back into history for guidance on how to handle crime and innocence.

The burden of proof lies on the one who brings the allegations.

In the 6th Century Roman Law they conceived the notion “Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat[1]—” Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies”.

Further back, even Islamic Sharia Law places the burden onto the accuser. In Western History even the great Greeks had clashes between the poor and powerful.

Written by Aristotle himself, the Athenian Constitution [] gives a back story to the strife of those people. In the times of Pisistratus, who was a benevolent ‘tyrant’ according to Aristotle, Pisistratus disarmed his people in a deceptive way.

” He effected the disarmament of the people in the following manner. He ordered a parade in full armour in the Theseum, and began to make a speech to the people. He spoke for a short time, until the people called out that they could not hear him, whereupon he bade them come up to the entrance of the Acropolis, in order that his voice might be better heard. Then, while he continued to speak to them at great length, men whom he had appointed for the purpose collected the arms and locked them up in the chambers of the Theseum..”

Pisistratus, was temperate and mild, and Hence the tyranny of Pisistratus was often spoken of proverbially as ‘the age of gold’; for when his sons succeeded him the government became much harsher.”–Aristotle (Section 16 Athenian Constitution)

So again we see that short term comfort and benevolent tyrrany often devolves into a meaner and harsher iron fisted tyranny later, guaranteed by the disarmament of citizens.

History is rife with tyrannical gov’ts whose very existence can be traced back to a disarmed citizenry. With this in mind, one would think worldly educated people such as Piers Morgan would grasp that Freedom is best guaranteed by armed, educated citizens.

Unless they have something altogether different in mind.