The Waning Life of the USA

I sit here, unemployed for the 2nd month, pondering what comes next in life. Barack has been re-elected, the Senate remains in Dem hands and the GOP House is witnessing in-house purging instead of promoting a unified and strong front as the Republics only remaining check and balance to Obama’s dominance.

Instead of tackling the inevitable, our country continues it’s march into mediocrity.

Education is a crock. People from all over come to learn from our colleges and then go back home and use that education to help their country, while our kids are not allowed to attend either because of ‘student visa’ grant advantages or because our kids can’t read.

    Public school is a travesty, but lets pour more money into it anyway. Yeah, thats worked so well over the last 40 yrs.

   Immigration is great for America, but we really don’t have time to make everyone go through the correct process so we’ll let 15 million in and THEN award them amnesty…See, it works better like that.

  Our military has the best weapons and the most powerful force… but lets start culturally modifying the force and usurp the big three values (Duty, Honor, Country). High level Generals have committed serious crimes and dalliances, women get pregnant on purpose to avoid rotation, gays are out and proudly strutting… and the equipment is crumbling from age. We again approach the Carter years where we’re a Paper Tiger. All the while the world gets more volatile and dangerous.

A generation, my sons, is practically void of a future. Educated, well mannered, and eager to learn, kids my sons age have been stripped of their all important early working years where they make mistakes and can quickly recover and learn from those mistakes. Now, as they age, they’ll be expected to perform at a veteran level for their age without regard to their actual experience. They’ll have to suck it up and adapt more quickly and not drop the ball (opportunity) when it comes. 

  That’s a lot of pressure for a person who might not have had a job in 3 years.

   The country’s work ethic is coming under assault. how many jobs or chores can a man give a 21-24 YO? There is a time that people start out on their own and step away from the nest. but it’s a part of the process. A friend of mine, who has a son I used to coach on my sons baseball team, was lamenting his sons absence of choice or chance to make his mark in this world. He was saying that his son talked about the Military, talked about this or that… but is lost in a void of inaction.

    A teen gets some sort of PT job and gets fired in a couple of months because he is late more than not… Then they get another job and get canned for not listening well enough… You LEARN from your mistakes. Thats why they call these jobs ENTRY.

    As you age, you become more serious about your job. You get there early, you work hard and listen more. You learn how to become valuable. You start teaching newbies the ropes. You rise in stature and responsibility.

     But that curve is being interrupted by this “new normal” economy.

     I used to be of the opinion that I could roll out of bed and get a job. I’ve had 57 in my 31 years in the workforce. I’ve learned how the world works. I know exactly what people expect from their employees.

     What I am worried about is that the new generation is being sacrificed already at the age of 20-25.

     The implications of this continued ‘new normal’ will cause dependence on the .gov and will give the private sector a vast void in employable citizens in the workforce.

My daughter, on her first day of job hunting, got hired at a store in a local mall. Then the owners friend needed help, and BAM a 2nd job. The THAT guys friend needed a worker..and BAMMM a third job! My son? Not a one… not an interview in months.

Who knows? Someone gets chances, another is not…. same family, same rearing…

One can assume it’s the “War on Men” but I’m unconvinced that is the cause.

Either way, its bad news. People HAVE to work.

What is wrong in our nation pervades throughout the economy. The military is downsizing, thus a massive amount of veterans will flood into the civilian workforce, yet the military will be haunted by losing so many high qualified experienced soldiers. The Public school system will continue to mash out a flood of horribly dis-educated citizens that have to be RESCHOOLED in order to fill even the rudimentary of decent jobs people expect after school. Mediocrity in piss poor out