I’ve written in the past posing the question “Where do we go from here?”

This question, in it’s simplicity, asks the reader to contemplate life after the USA as we know it.

I try to be objective and even maintain a positive outlook on the country. . I really do. Try, I mean. I have 2 growing kids for Christ’s sake.

I’ve never been a negative person. Growing up, I was always taught that the sun always rises, the early bird gets the worm, Early to bed early to rise…. Etc. All positive quotations and clichés.

But, I’ve never seen my country in this condition. 50 years into the Great Society and we’re broke. I mean, yes, we heard ‘broke’ back in the 70’s, 80’s, ‘90’s and ‘00’s. But we’re seriously broke this time.

Here are some things to ponder:

When your Fed chairman, as a legitimate strategy to fix debt says, “We can always print more money, we’ll never be broke”, you know you are either living in Bizzaro world or you really don’t understand world economics like you thought.What he expects is that other bankrupt countries will continue to buy our debt.

When your children have to take remedial courses in college because they REALLY aren’t smarter than a fifth grader, you know you’re school systems are places where there is more baby sitting going on than learning.

When jobs are going overseas at a whirlwind pace, you know that 1) Unions suck, 2) its cheaper to produce goods elsewhere, 3) regulations are stifling for business here.

When you’re engaged in at least 2 real wars, 2 or 3 proxy wars, and maybe 2 more ‘engagements’, all the while cutting the defense sector and veteran care, you know there is a blatant strategy to weaken the Armed Forces for some reason via attrition of both equipment and troops.

When you allow millions of people (refugees) to pour into the country while not demanding the other country to get it’s act together so that these people will find THEIR country more suitable to live in, you know the long term strategy is actually to overtake that country in a way that sees the USA grow almost twice in size.

When you learn that the overall high school dropout rate is 35% EVERY year… and that in large Democrat controlled cities it’s as much as 75%, you know there is a massive effort to dumb-OUT the people of those areas so that they are dependant and easily swayed (manipulated) to whatever the machine tilts them towards.

When you understand these things and many other issues, you see that the country has deteriorated at a rapid rate. This decline, often written and postulated about in other articles elsewhere for years, has been precipitous and at an almost freefall rate.

With all these issues, at their current level of decline, is there a real chance of arresting the fall and reclaiming the higher moral standards of our fore fathers?

The answer is a simple, “No.”

Established societies always go in one direction, down. As a society grows it is living with the ideals that founded it. As the society ages, these ideals get pushed back further from the point of implementation and each and every year those values retreat further in the group consciousness and other items start to blossom and get louder and suddenly the original mores are either ignored or forgotten. The more people you have, the more pressures on the former standards. The more tolerance, the more abuse. There’s a reason why hard ass generals, coaches, and Presidents get results.

America is no different. We are the sum of her people. This country was founded on principles of Freedom that people had fought over and won since the Magna Carta was signed almost 800 years ago (1210ad). Her train may be ready to pull out and leave the station. There have been other dire times, but I can’t recall where all these things have lined up so perfectly and in such a weakened state… at the same time. We are now a nation of limp lilly men and touchy feely policies.

“Where do we go from here?”, noone knows. But with all these issues, the continued over taxation, the approaching BOOMER bust, the approaching ‘austerity’, the approaching European depression, the looming Iranian War, dueling Anarchist/Communist/Islamist hostile takeovers, America will be hard pressed to maintain her stature as the world’s strongest, wealthiest, mightiest nation on any list.

The Great Joe Paterno is Gone

Papa Joe. JoePa.

An icon. An institution unto himself. He WAS Penn State.

84 years old and subjected now to an unbelieveable, indescribable, and ignominious legacy. He won’t be remembered for helping thousands of kids and youngsters get an education and live productive lives.

No, he’ll be tarred and feathered for his ‘role’ in a pedophile scandal involving an asst. coach and friend who he knew for 30 years or more.

When advised of allegations, he told the university. What else should he have done??? Perhaps he should have fired the guy on the spot, or maybe bent him over his knee and spank him? No… he simply told the people that needed telling. And they told the Penn State president.And the complaint didn’t come from the kid, it came from a graduate coach who is now the Wide receiver coach. Yet all those that he told are either fired or charged with not calling the authorities.

When we stand in judgment of another, especially without knowing all the facts, we expose ourselves to what Jesus saw when he protected some lowlife.
“Those that are without sin, cast the first stone.”

What he didn’t say… and had enough class and respect NOT to say was this, “And all others- STFU.”

Our society thrives on ‘judgment’. Rick Perry’s gaffe makes him an idiot. Paterno is a blind old man that allowed this to happen for years and didn’t do a thing about it. Conservatives are stupid, uneducated and racist. Liberals are conniving hippies from the 60’s who refuse to grow up.

Hmmmm, ok.. the last one is accurate, but you get my point. What makes the Republicans, and TP especially, different is that we DO give the other side an honest chance for debate and consideration. It’s just that after 60+ years, the time for compromise and acquiescing is over and the time for redirection onto a firmer and more productive path is here.

JoePa and this latest incident is another in a long line of instances that divert attention from the true issues and onto some incidental, micro-societal issue that chews up air time that would be better served exploring MACRO-societal issues. Since when is it ok in this country to pass judgment on another before PROVEN guilty? The news cycle and the media storm is when this began. And it’s ruined many a life.

JoePa shouldn’t have to pay the price for another’s sins. By all reports the man is the hardest working man in football and has shown that work ethic for his entire tenure.He didn’t ‘follow up’ and call the police.
But no, the university wanted blood, wanted someone to be held into account, and its JoePa. I’m sure JoePa’s age, contract, and other inter-university political factors (he WAS Penn State… and you know how academia people feel about jocks) did not come into play. No, not at all.

JoePa was a tough SOB. He was hurt coaching several times over the last 5 years.
In 06 he couldn’t avoid a onrushing player and messed up his knee.
In 08, at the age of 80….yes EIGHTY… he was demonstrating onside kickoffs and suffered a sprained hip…
And this year he got nailed again and suffered a broke shoulder and hip.

Odds are, JoePa dies before either the year is out, or as football cranks up next year. No sweat, just another old guy who used to build young men into great men, gone. Something we desperately need in society today.