My 1-Sided Twitter Expression of Dissent To Gabby Giffords

This is getting habitual. I Tweet. I have always been a twit so, hey, it’s natural. I’ve run my mouth, I like to now I tweet. Last time, I ripped a good sized hole in Piers Morgan about the Second Amendment and today, after seeing this photoGiffords
I decided to touch base and respectfully let Mrs.Giffords know how I felt about her present stance.

The limitations of Twitter are overwhelming. 140 characters means alot of nuance and alot of meandering and alot of feelgood BS must be thrown out. Mrs. Giffords (and her family) suffered a awful tragedy. A lunatic, deranged and seriously disturbed, set about to kill and maim as many innocent individuals he could that day.
Like Morgan, I don’t expect replies from the Giffords camp. I DO expect they’ll take note of who and what I am. I DO expect that I’ll be vetted and noted. I DO expect them to pay some attention to the tweets and then simply let them scroll on by.
But my point is that I’m not giving any more ground. Not an inch. Not in this lifetime. I will tangle horns and debate with whoever, whenever over whatever I see that they’re doing, in my humble opinion, wrong.
These people CRAVE silence. They CRAVE people turning a blind eye to the events of today. They CRAVE the negligence that the citizens have so wonderfully committed. The Apathy and the disregard for the importance of the very Freedoms that are being taken for granted.

So bear with me.. here’s another one-sided mono-Twitter-log:
TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
@GabbyGiffords #tcot #tlot #ccot Pic shows a smiling lady that had gr8 placement o rds/What it doesn’t show is that weapon was a tool Pt2

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
@GabbyGiffords #tcot #ccot #tlot the tool,used by sane lady or hubby, is used responsibly/2deny othr sane Americans the same is shrtsidedPt4

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
@GabbyGiffords #tcot #tlot shrtsided@ best&tragic@ worst/I cringd whn shooting happened& wordscant convey my sorrow @ ur injuries. pt5—>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
@GabbyGiffords #2ndAmendment cant b infringed/Evn founders qualified #2a by their writing requiring ‘moral and riteous’ ppl. #tcot #tlot #p2

@NRA #tcot @GregWHoward Just completed a series o #2ndamendment tweets 2 @GabbyGiffords reinforcing morality of #2A

As I said, I respectfully expressed my dissent to her via Twitter. It’s ironic that this picture even exists, because it originated during a 2010 campaign stop where she was trying to look ‘tougher’.

One can easily be jaded in todays political world where people capitalize on every event for political gain (ohh h Rahm? “Never let a crisis go to waste”). So excuse me for seriously contemplating that these self professed gun people (the Giffords) are using Sandy Hook, Aurora, and even her own tragedy for political gain? That’s a callous and perhaps unfounded conclusion, but wait… didn’t she campaign on ‘toughness’? Didn’t she proudly proclaim her very own appreciation of guns?

Didn’t Columbine and the Amish School Shooting in 2006 and any number of other gangland style urban shootings happen before her campaign shooting? So if it hadn’t swayed them before her tragedy, then it must have been the event that tripped the trigger, so to speak. But wait… didn’t Mark Giffords say ‘don’t blame the gun’ early on after the tragedy (I’m chasing down the quote and will source it if I can find it)

The point reamins, the 2ndAmendment is NOT for the celeb-cause of the day. It has protected our Freedoms and Liberty for well over 230 years. It is the REASON the other Freedoms are still semi-intact.
Learn it, Love it, LIVE it.

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