Occupy Idiots… and other Truths

I sat down and watched a 2 hour tape (thanks to Glenn Beck) of a small sit down get together of some of the ‘leaders’ who are orchestrating some of the OWS events. This ‘panel’ discussion took place right after mayor Bloomberg caved in the attempt to ‘clean up’ Zuccotti Park…
Glenn focused on the comment one clown said about Glenn having more insight on the situation than even the leftie media… That is what they said, but there is mucchhhh more important tidbits

What I’m going to do is dissect the video and it’s deeper, more concerning implications…including (I hope, seems there’s a problem in ‘rewinding’ the time bar to precise moments) time marks for reference of the particular comment.
Here is the full video

The Panel:
Moderator far left— (please correct)
Jody D. (or Dean?)
Chris Mizzano
Doug Henwood- 60’s leftover commie, radio host
to the RIGHT of the Mod
Malcolm Harris
Natasha Leonard
Event titled: “Left polictics and strategy in the context of OWS”
My overall opinion is that this is an adhoc organization right now. They are full of themselves and at first don’t really want to take questions. They love to hear themselves talk and debate.
The guy in the middle (never introduces himself) is the MC.It does appear that the older guy may have introduced him at the very beginning.. He moderates the two sides and there are two sides. The 3 to his left are devout communists, the 2 to his right are non-apologetic Anarchists. The girl on the far right is the NYT reporter (Natasha Leonard) and she loves the word ‘fuck’.

The 2 sides are obviously bickering about ‘where do we go from here’… and future tactics.
The one’s on the far right are immature and are happy discovering people’s ‘communality’

Review of Panel Members:
Natasha Leonard- Obviously educated. Like the others, intensely passionate about her cause. Immature in expectations and future scope of the movement. Loves “fuck”
Malcolm Harris- He’s the one who brings up Beck. Gives Beck a lot of credit, but condensendingly. His rival seems to be Chris Pizzano (sorry..missed his 1st name). Harris seems immature as well, with several childish and vain comical attempts. He and Natasha lash out at Pizzano during a rebuttal Pizzano was giving about where “Occupy Wall Street” slogan started.
Chris Pizzano- Leader type. Wants to: “Engage with the state, take it over and remake society by using state power” (12:18 +/-) that got lots of laughs for some reason.

(14:18+/-) The moderator says something about Anarchists, and the you hear a couple of “I’m one” “Me too”
and then the 2 on the far right, Harris and Leonard point to themselves and acknowldege they too are Anarchists.
Obviously, these ‘anarchists’ do not still fear the state. While the moderator was really referring that the crowd had more than a few, they were all incognito. Butthe young immature ones identified themselves as such. This is valuable information. And another reason why shortsighted gloryhounds will always bite themselves.

(14:54)Moderator asks about “how many people have strong conviction about what Anarchism is and what it means.” He seems well versed in Anarchism because he states that “anarchism” has seeped into various movements…over the past 10-15 years.”

At 15:20 an attendee loses patience and says, “I thought we were here to talk about leadership…”
Natasha condensendingly says, “annnd so we aree…” The panelists are truly of the opinion they are the end all and be all of the movement and that the attendees are there to absorb their infinite knowledge and wisdom.
(16:50)She mentions “… Being in a space and experimenting is what this is about for alot of anarchists that I’ve spoken to..and myself included…” This is immediately jumped on by Jody on the far right. She is a devout Commie and considers that the ‘long history of individualism’ of America and that ‘it hurts understanding collectivism..and doesn’t recognise the “miracle” that is happening on Wall Street…”

This period of the video seems to establish a deeper and profound chasm between the Communists and the Anarchists. The anarchists are out for one’s self and individual experiances, while the Commies are more interested in focusing the energy of the participants into a group or collective path.
This seems to be a bitter divide and it is again addressed later with the moderator referring to 2 emails he got from 2 seperate panelists (My assumption would be Mizzano and Harris). The mod dismisses any friction and simply states that “We’re still comrades.”

A very important part comes at 24:00+/- when Harris gets up and states his disagreement with the older gent and states that it was the “Ultra left communist insurrectionaries” that originated “occupation” as a tactic in the US.
Mizzano instantly got up and contested that contention… this was met with guffaws from both Harris and Leonard. This is again proof that there is dissention and conflict within the 2 entities. This can be exploited or left alone to allow to fester and eventually allow to dissolve the momentum.
Beginning at 28:00 natasha Leonard gets up and reveals that challenging the PTB can be as simple as interacting with others in an unforseen or unexpected way (ie..crapping on a police car— to them, that is a legitimate ‘tactic’).. tptb are in all our ‘coded’ relations.”

This again brought consternation from Jody as she makes the case where common things (in commies eyes) like water, food, transportation, air, health, etc need to be goals and celebrated and thus taken out of “the market”.

As this can be tedious, We fast fwd now…..
At 1:03:25 there is a HUGE older anarchist ( I thought they were all bored college aged 60’s wannabees— is this what one looks like after 40 years in the corporate world?) that stands up and rants about the ‘narrow range of topics discussed..” There is a huge divide between these 2 forces and it would benefit free people to do some homework on that.
At 1:06:00 another attendee gets up and asks why the panel didn’t answer about the “whiteness” of the movement. Earlier.. .6 minutes earlier, a white girl had gotten up and asked about diversity in the movement and the panel moved on without response. Now this guy focuses the attention back onto that question…

No response…. The truth of the chasm’s in the movements is deafeningly silent, yet unmistakeable.

@ 1:12:00 an attendee gets up and lectures them on possibly wasting an opportunity to strategize instead of “showing us how big your brains are…”
Number one, they’re idiots for having this open meeting to begin with. They toyed atleast 2 times with instigating a riot by joking about “I was kinda hoping we’d have a riot tonight…maybe we’ll get one..” and “there are banks right around here..just sayin'”…
This group of ‘intellectuals’ are proof that classroom studies and mental deliberations cannot transfer (by themselves) to the street. The real world and 300 million freepeople, and they’re actions will render communist inclinations null. They’ve seen over the last 50 years what socialism brings and it’s left a bad taste in their mouths.

The final part that I’ll cover is when Mizzano says that the next thing that ought to happen is that people need to occupy where people are rooted.. instituions, much like what what happened earlier in the year when Wisconsin’s state capital was ‘occupied’ for an extended time.

My summary is this: This movement, if we are to take what is on the tape as representative of the ‘leadership’ and the ‘elite’ of the movement, is at war with itself. It is a dangerous movement, openly talking about overthrow and insurrection. “Not to take over the state…but to smash it utterly..”-(big anarchist) … there is NO doubt what these peoples goals are.
And they say it openly without caution and without repercussions.

Another revelation is that few of them had distinguishing haircuts, or piercings. These look like normal people that can fit into any surroundings. This is a BIG point, especially with 2012 Tea Party Rallies and other Conservative gatherings.

Just to curdle your blood a little more, @ 1:32:00 started talking about violence being next…
“One of the things I’m mapping out is… and one is inviting cop violence.. or property damage or some provocation…”

They know they cannot amount to any amount of force without ‘pulling the centrists to us’.

They are looking forward to NYState’s $2.5 billion shortfall as another opportunity to create noise.

This whole “occupy” may amount to nothing more than an academic exercise, but it merits intense scrutiny and further monitoring. They are scared of it fizzling out. They referred several times to Seattle 1999 (G7 meeting I think), and the Spanish uprising earlier in the year…

There could easily be violent confrontations and infiltrations of TP events. They do not and will not play by the rules, their arguments always fail under equal light.