So Much For Utopia–and Other Truths From the Desk of Honesty…

Wow. Its been a while since I’ve written anything of substance for the masses that visit me here at my site. But, we’re going to get this rolling and dammit, you’re gonna love it.

Joe Biden, our President, elected by 81 million people who selected him due to Media inspired, big time Lie induced, hatred for President Trump, has so many issues and problems that I cannot continue to NOT speak about them.

In the 9 months he—wait a minute lets check that. JB is NOT pulling the strings, lets make that clear. How many times has he stated, “Well, they really dont want me to answer..” or, “Well you’re gonna get me into trouble…” By making those statements, Biden was, I believe, trying to passively-aggressively maintain or ESTABLISH his own position as THE Head of the Administration.

Think about that. There’s always going to be turmoil and jockeying for favoritism in an Administration. You had Alexander Haig and Casper Weinberger in the Reagan Administration. But EVERYONE knew who was the boss. Even during Jimmy Carters Era, Carter was the guy in charge.

But Biden, who has been trying to be come President since 1988—and failed miserably until 2020 and the South Carolina Primary when a deal was struck with James Clyburn to garner his endorsement, has had zero success in legislative efforts since his inauguration. His biggest claims to ‘progress’ were the Executive Orders striking down dozens of Trumps programs in the frist week of his term.

Since then, Biden has had zero accomplishments, and literally dozens of gaffs, both in speeches and in the Worlds Eyes.

  1. Keystone Pipeline dismantling.
  2. Russian Pipeline OK’d
  3. No Mask Mandates—Til there are…
  4. “I’m losing My Patience”
  5. Climate, Climate, Climate!!!
  6. Iran Nuke Deal 2.0
  7. Border Csar aint Csaring
  8. Taiwan Indecision
  9. Afghanistan Withdrawal Tragedy
  10. Worst Inflation Since Carter
  11. China Grows
  12. Russia AND China Use Navy to surround Japan
  13. The Great Resignation
  14. Supply Chain Breakage
  15. Transport Secty taking 3 MONTH Paternity/Maternity Leave (which role does HE fill?)

That’s quite enough for FOUR years of a term….But in 10 MONTHS??? And most of it is self-inflicted due to arrogance of the Left, and the insane ability of promising MORE than they can deliver—and SOMEHOW people keep freeking falling for it…They always promise freebies, and to TAX the RICH…But when elected, they THEN have to govern and even with control in all 3 Houses, they show that they can’t. EVER.

I’ll tackle only a few, cause daayyyym!


Gas prices have gone up at least $1 per gallon since January. We WERE energy independent for the first time in SEVENTY years…Now we’re back to begging Saudi Arabia to crank up their drilling. The fact that he put into policy such anti-energy initiatives has had a cascading effect throughout the economy. Where once he HAD the chance to be credited (rightfully or wrongfully) with the probable record rebound of an economy coming out of a pandemic, he has overseen the further spiraling decay of an economy that is more woke than productive. Where once he had a chance to be seen as a genius by just letting the country continue to flourish in the rebound, he and his acolytes, saw fit to undo the hated Orangemans policies, without understanding the crushing blow their ‘remedies’ would have on the Average Joe— or worse yet, they didnt care enough to consider it.

Most of these policies can be attributed to the “Green New Deal” and the Paris Climate Agreement.

Why are we in such a hurry to change the weather? We cant predict the weather 2-3 days in advance, but we’re dead certain on the Climate change in 50-100 years? Or to be more accurate, the most “factual environmental documentary” ever cant even predict 10=12 years in advance of their doomsday fear based rhetoric

So why the rush to end the Engine of the Era of the Industrial Revolution? That would fill up many, many blog posts my friends…but suffice it to say, they dont believe that you deserve the power of Self-Determination.

Go through the list of the errors mentioned. Other than the Russia China mentions, each of them can be traced to the choice, or belief of which policy is better– Governmental Control or Individual Rights.

California–and reestablished leftist Gavin Newsome, has set forth a policy where all small engine equipment will be outlawed to mandated to be electric by 2024…and THIS in a state where theres ALREADY rolling blackouts. Can you imagine how much more electricity will be drawn in the over night periods where EVERYONE is charging their precious EV’s?

Ohhhh, thats right…the state is ALREADY telling people NOT to charge their EV’s during certain times…Unbelievable. But you be you Wokesters.


The Super Storm of the Century has arrived. Pandemic…Newly Elected president…Newly empowered Socialist majorities in Congress..$450 million dollar donation from Mark Zuckerberg… Covid Mandates… Workers walking off jobs.. $1.5-3.5 trillion in spending..

Anyone with half a brain could see that 2021 was going to be a challenging year recovering from the pandemic. Constant wavering about new COVID variants (2 more evil vile deadly variants came after Delta—but have seemed to have petered out over the past 2 months), plus the liberal socialist agendas and dream legislation, were destined to make things worse.

Some of these things WOULD have happened under a Trump administration, however, HE would have acted with a business savvy answer. With the Keystone still in action jobs would have stayed, resulting in a rescuing domino affect instead of where we find ourselves.

With the Era of the “Great Resignation” dawning this year due to the COVID freebies, fear of COVID, and being able to work under the table, people have let it be known that they are upset with wages not improving and are upsetting the apple cart. Over 400000 people LEFT the workforce in September ALONE!

Those workers, necessary cogs in the capitalist system and the supply chain, vacated their jobs and have left businesses in a hard crunch and the nation with a labor shortage of a magnitude we’ve never seen before. Yet we have an unemployment rate of 4.8%. We have had a “Labor participation” rate that bottomed out at 60.2% during the lockdown periods of the Pandemic, and which has only bounced back to 61.6% during this ‘recovery’. Aside from the Part. Rate consistently falling from 2001’s 66.8% the Trump Administration had orchestrated the longest rebound of that spiraling downward trend.

From the Bureau of Labor and Statistics—

Basic Capitalism Economics 101 states prices are subject to Supply and Demand. When demand outstrips the ability to supply, prices rise. Fewer workers equal the inability to meet demand. When you have gapping holes in the workforce, and a trend of people walking away from jobs in droves, you have a tidal wave of price increases across the entire economy, based mainly on the inability to get the items to market.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 20: In an aerial view, container ships (Top R) are anchored by the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles as they wait to offload on September 20, 2021 near Los Angeles, California. Amid a record-high demand for imported goods and a shortage of shipping containers and truckers, the twin ports are currently seeing unprecedented congestion. On September 17, there were a record total of 147 ships, 95 of which were container ships, in the twin ports, which move about 40 percent of all cargo containers entering the U.S. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

When you have MORE work being shouldered by FEWER workers, you have an increased strain on the workforce including burnout, sickness, and poor quality control. This further exacerbates the supply side woes and results in even worse conditions.

When Biden took over the Oval Office in January, the inflation rate was 1.4%. By April it had nearly doubled to 2.6%, doubling again in July to 5.4% to where it has stayed steady since. For the past 5 months the inflation rate has stayed above 5%. To give a better idea of how bad those numbers are, a 5% monthly rate has been eclipsed only 3 times before in the past 20 years. The summer of 2009 (June, July, August) where it hit 5.0, 5.6, and 5.4.

Used cars rose almost 30% over a year ago, gas prices leapt near 60%, and the “Core inflation” vaulted to its highest mark in the past 30 years.

And each of those look to continue to rise as the lack of workers continue to plague the recovery. These are some of the same people (me included) that need another used car, need that gas to work, and need to pay for items that help us survive in this day and time.

Whhhew… Holy moly…I could write for days on end, but you know…. I gotta work and do MY part.

Trump Wins, America Wins, Democrats Whine—-Truths from Desk of Honesty

When you have a President that was supposed to lose, and I mean LOSE BIG, wins and WINS big through the Electoral College, you are going to get blowback.

Donald J. Trump is being impeached next week, and his supporters can’t do a damn thing about it. He has kept the promises he made, delivered far more than any president since Reagan, and maybe more than Ronaldo Magnus. Potus45 has brought MORE prosperity to more people than anyone thought possible.

And how does he get thanked? The media does not focus on the DOW reaching 29K or unemployment staying at a 50 yr low of 3.5%. No, they focus on the impeachment that was being planned and orchestrated almost from the day he announced his candidacy. Many Democrats mentioned that if they want to be rid of him, or stop his reelection, that they would HAVE to impeach him. It was an admission that they couldn’t and can’t beat him at the ballot box.

2019halloween lil Marine

Donald Trump and his wife Melania, have reestablished class to the White House. Class, success, clout and respect. No damn apologies.

In the recent conflagration with Iran we saw the difference between President Trump   and the previous administration. The difference in action vs. inaction. Obama’s regime never ‘PROJECTED’ power and strength, they oozed appeasement and apologies. Obama gave $1.5 billion to the Ayatollahs and netted a unenforceable ‘nuclear deal’ while #45 struck within hours of our embassy in Baghdad being attacked by Iranian proxies being led ON the Ground by soon to be crispy critterized Qassem Soleimani and his Iraqi partner Abu Mahdi al Muhandis.

President Donald J. Trump has projected strength at every opportunity. In trade, we heard that he would spawn a recession by applying tariffs to Chinese goods. It didn’t and we have a new trade deal. He called NAFTA the worst trade deal in history, now we have USMCA, which was signed this week but has been in the House for over a year with Nancy Pelosi’s foot on its throat.

It is through the democrats famous governance policies of obstruction that have held up the continued success of President Trump. And in large degree, the continued and distinctly more success for the American citizen. The Dems really HAD to do this because they were getting so much heat from home constituents about their infatuation with impeachment. No accident then that USMCA was passed 385-41 on the very next day after impeaching Trump.

It is almost like that despite what is BEST for America’s citizens, that if it has ANYTHING to with a Trump idea, it gets sent to File 13.

For example, the wall. Trump campaigned on it, the Dems hate it. Vast amount of legal immigrants want the wall, but illegals, Mexican Cartels, coyote, sex traffickers, US Chamber of Commerce and other great and upstanding idgits advocate for the non-wall side.  The Chamber wants new type regulations for low skilled workers (ag-help, carpenters, laborers, etc) instead of training UP OUR young, unskilled labor force. They figured that famous saying was true, these were jobs Americans just would not do. Funny, somehow, President Trump has been able to find record numbers of ALL minorities work.


But our aim or goal that hopefully in beating back this impeachment, or beating the democrats at the ballot box in 2020, is short term at best without a new “awakening” or “come to Jesus” moment. Even now the opposition is planning on “nullifying” Trump supporter votes as criminal or unconstitutional. See: “Make America Great Again” meant that America was greater when white people’s power was more sweeping and more secure. 

Whatever the outcome in 2020, Patriots of the right must vote at record numbers and quit being so apathetic towards the country’s government. The socialists have been unrelenting for over a 100 years, they helped unleashed the Soviet union with advice and financial support. They have molded into the Democrat party for decades, even going so far to state, “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.”—Norman Thomas 1944 who ran for President 6 times for the Socialist Party.

No, if this Republic is to stand, we, like Benjamin Franklin suggested, need to take care of it.

statue of liberty

Photo by Paula Nardini on




GOP Throne Thoughts— From the Porcelain Desk of Honesty

I was sitting on my throne… yes THAT one, and it came to me.
Just how the hell do the Democrats win?
It’s quite simple really, once I put the ‘ooomph’ into my thoughts.

They are a conglomeration of diehard, rabidly devoted, one issue ego-maniacs that do not acknowledge the opponents point-of-view.
The Republicans are a like a pair of fighting siblings. They know how to behave and they mean well, but they still get on the wrong side of Dad’s belt.
The GOP finds itself fighting on several fronts, divided against a myriad of combatants coming from every angle and every conceivable issue. From Illegal Immigration, to Gay Rights, to Austerity and Abortion and “Womens Rights” the GOP is standing with one hand behind its back flailing madly back and forth with its shield trying to fend off the overwhelming onslaught of ‘progressive’ minions trying to exorcise righteousness and proven governmental practices from the Republic.
We saw this with the Civil Rights Movement (which was the last true bonafide righteous uprising) where people took to the streets in protest over mistreatment. We saw it with Vietnam, the ERA, various union strikes in the 70’s, and more importantly, the exclusion of God from schools and the infiltration of liberalism into the Primary School System.

The GOP tried to hold the ground on ALL fronts while systematically losing ground to each movement. Unions died once companies started their overseas investments. The ERA died not from anything the GOP did, but once Gov’t funded abortions became legal , you saw ZERO push for more “womens rights” since (maybe a token push on wages, but NOTHING like the effort put into the Abortion fight).

The GOP has always been on the defensive, trying to keep the progressive surge in check and muted. But, as we’ve seen, the tidal wave of ignorance brought from poor education was brought to the fore with the election and Reelection of Obama.

So what is the answer for the right wing?

Education. Involvement. Dedication. Loyalty. Common defense of the common man. The Twitter wars between different elements of the rising right must diminish. We are on the SAME side. Atleast we’re supposed to be.
The opposition are DEMOCRATS. We need to support all those that carry the “Do not tread on me” banner. The Freedom banner. The LIBERTY banner. We’ll have some trolls and some infiltrators, but we then strike back hard and demand proper debate for their arguments.

The GOP is on life support. It MAY stay alive in name only, but it is forever changed.

White House Issues New Update on Curbing Gun Violence…It Won’t

Just received a communique from my Inside source at the White House.

The White House

Big update on plan to reduce gun violence

The U.S. Senate just took a big step toward reducing gun violence and making the country a safer place. This week, the Judiciary Committee voted to send to the Senate floor four different pieces of legislation that:

  • Require background checks for all gun sales;
  • Create new federal offenses for gun trafficking;
  • Ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition; and
  • Strengthen safety at schools.

There’s a lot more work to do — even for this legislation to get a vote.

But this is a major step forward.

You’ve already expressed an interest in this policy discussion, and we’re sure you know other folks who are following this debate. Regardless of where you come down on these specific proposals, we’re all united in the ultimate goal — reducing the amount of gun violence in this country and making America a safer place for our kids.

Will you help to make sure that everyone has the latest information by forwarding this message along?

P.S. — The Vice President talked more about where we are in this fight in a new feature we’ve just put on the White House website. Check out Being Biden.


Ohhh God…. “Being Biden”? Is THAT the solution here? Because all the other ‘solutions’ listed are feel good non-starters.

My 1-Sided Twitter Expression of Dissent To Gabby Giffords

This is getting habitual. I Tweet. I have always been a twit so, hey, it’s natural. I’ve run my mouth, I like to now I tweet. Last time, I ripped a good sized hole in Piers Morgan about the Second Amendment and today, after seeing this photoGiffords
I decided to touch base and respectfully let Mrs.Giffords know how I felt about her present stance.

The limitations of Twitter are overwhelming. 140 characters means alot of nuance and alot of meandering and alot of feelgood BS must be thrown out. Mrs. Giffords (and her family) suffered a awful tragedy. A lunatic, deranged and seriously disturbed, set about to kill and maim as many innocent individuals he could that day.
Like Morgan, I don’t expect replies from the Giffords camp. I DO expect they’ll take note of who and what I am. I DO expect that I’ll be vetted and noted. I DO expect them to pay some attention to the tweets and then simply let them scroll on by.
But my point is that I’m not giving any more ground. Not an inch. Not in this lifetime. I will tangle horns and debate with whoever, whenever over whatever I see that they’re doing, in my humble opinion, wrong.
These people CRAVE silence. They CRAVE people turning a blind eye to the events of today. They CRAVE the negligence that the citizens have so wonderfully committed. The Apathy and the disregard for the importance of the very Freedoms that are being taken for granted.

So bear with me.. here’s another one-sided mono-Twitter-log:
TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
@GabbyGiffords #tcot #tlot #ccot Pic shows a smiling lady that had gr8 placement o rds/What it doesn’t show is that weapon was a tool Pt2

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
@GabbyGiffords #tcot #ccot #tlot the tool,used by sane lady or hubby, is used responsibly/2deny othr sane Americans the same is shrtsidedPt4

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
@GabbyGiffords #tcot #tlot shrtsided@ best&tragic@ worst/I cringd whn shooting happened& wordscant convey my sorrow @ ur injuries. pt5—>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
@GabbyGiffords #2ndAmendment cant b infringed/Evn founders qualified #2a by their writing requiring ‘moral and riteous’ ppl. #tcot #tlot #p2

@NRA #tcot @GregWHoward Just completed a series o #2ndamendment tweets 2 @GabbyGiffords reinforcing morality of #2A

As I said, I respectfully expressed my dissent to her via Twitter. It’s ironic that this picture even exists, because it originated during a 2010 campaign stop where she was trying to look ‘tougher’.

One can easily be jaded in todays political world where people capitalize on every event for political gain (ohh h Rahm? “Never let a crisis go to waste”). So excuse me for seriously contemplating that these self professed gun people (the Giffords) are using Sandy Hook, Aurora, and even her own tragedy for political gain? That’s a callous and perhaps unfounded conclusion, but wait… didn’t she campaign on ‘toughness’? Didn’t she proudly proclaim her very own appreciation of guns?

Didn’t Columbine and the Amish School Shooting in 2006 and any number of other gangland style urban shootings happen before her campaign shooting? So if it hadn’t swayed them before her tragedy, then it must have been the event that tripped the trigger, so to speak. But wait… didn’t Mark Giffords say ‘don’t blame the gun’ early on after the tragedy (I’m chasing down the quote and will source it if I can find it)

The point reamins, the 2ndAmendment is NOT for the celeb-cause of the day. It has protected our Freedoms and Liberty for well over 230 years. It is the REASON the other Freedoms are still semi-intact.
Learn it, Love it, LIVE it.

My 1 Sided 2nd Amendment Argument With Piers Morgan via Twitter

I don’t like being told what I should do by a European. Or by anyone else. Those people ofcourse are not limited to Europeans. Their leftist, goodwill based idiocy runs the gamut, but all have one thing in common… They want Utopia.
Our Founding Fathers used the preceding 2000 yrs of history as a guide to lead them to the specific reigns to put on government.

A MORAL and ARMED populace were necessary to guarantee those freedoms. Knowing that, I have one mission. To educate and refute Liberals.

Well, I have taken upon myself the task of reaching out to one of these misguided people. Piers Morgan(@piersmorgan on twitter). Piers is a Brit. He was born a Brit, raised a Brit, commited a crime as a Brit. And sees fit to lecture us as a Brit.

I’ve had some comments for him before when he took on Ben Shapiro, Ted Nugent and Dana Loesch concerning Gun Control. But on Sunday the 3rd of March 2013, I decided to unload my entire thoughts about why we (as Free Peoples) need a gun such as the Ar15 with HiCap Mags.

Here are the tweets in order:
TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#tcot #tlot #ccot #p2 @piersmorgan How many times does it take being destroyd n the Gun Deb8 4 u 2 start undrstanding gun RIGHTS? Pt 2 —->

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#tcot #tlot #p2 #ccot @piersmorgan 1)We Americans r NOT euros 2)We CHERISH independence 3)We hve GOD Givn RIGHTS that NO man can take Pt3–>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #tlot #tcot #p2 @piersmorgan 4)Our CONSTITUTION gives us ability (& rights) 2 change our Gov’t. &2 do that, we r 2 remain ARMED pt5->

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #tlot #p2 @piersmorgan 5)In our Constitution only 1RIGHT protects the others… the #2A/ W/o that right allothrs r vulnerable Pt6—>
TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #p2 #tcot #tlot @piersmorgan 6)We hve infringemnts 2the #2A already.manylaws on books/Like illegal transfrs(#Fastandfurious) Pt7—>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #pt2 #tcot #tlot @piersmorgan Where IS ur outcry ovr THAT? (#fastandfurious) Becuzu think .Gov has good intents? Pt8—>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #p2 #tcot #tlot @piersmorgan 8)The fact of the matter is that mental illness is a DANGER2 society. More of a danger than GUNS. pt9—>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#CCOT #P2 #TCOT #TLOT @piersmorgan There is NO reason 2rob me of my selfdefense,aganst tyranny or crime becuz o some whacko in Colo. pt9–>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #pt2 #tcot #tlot @piersmorgan Its been said that ‘proof is in the pudding’ U r bleeding viewrs. Ulose gun deb8 nightly. pt10–>

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #tlot #tcot #p2 @piersmorgan therefore it is only reasonable 2 recollect ur thoughts& ur conclusions & determine via evidence…Pt11->

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#p2 #ccot #tcot #tlot @piersmorgan That ur arguments r folly evn if based on good will& good intentions/The USA will nvr be quietly disarmd

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #p2 #tcot #tlot @piersmorgan Nor does it need 2b. There r sick ppl in all nations/ Disrming the healthy does not fix the sick/ U Lose

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#ccot #p2 #tlot #tcot @Piersmorgan U seem like a reasonable fellow. stubborn, but reasonable. Umust reconsidr stance &conclude u r wrong

TAReece ‏@RemyVTR15
#tcot #tlot #p2 Just got dun w/12part Tweet series 2 @piersmorgan &his thickheadedness abt #2A/ His ignorance o American way shows thru..Sad

As you can see, there is no REAL factual based argument for disarming honest, law abiding, morally rooted Americans. And there is scant reason to disarm the nutjobs either. When you assume someone is guilty because of their proclivities, demographics or conditions, you are judging the person before a crime is committed.
Our court system harkens back into history for guidance on how to handle crime and innocence.

The burden of proof lies on the one who brings the allegations.

In the 6th Century Roman Law they conceived the notion “Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat[1]—” Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies”.

Further back, even Islamic Sharia Law places the burden onto the accuser. In Western History even the great Greeks had clashes between the poor and powerful.

Written by Aristotle himself, the Athenian Constitution [] gives a back story to the strife of those people. In the times of Pisistratus, who was a benevolent ‘tyrant’ according to Aristotle, Pisistratus disarmed his people in a deceptive way.

” He effected the disarmament of the people in the following manner. He ordered a parade in full armour in the Theseum, and began to make a speech to the people. He spoke for a short time, until the people called out that they could not hear him, whereupon he bade them come up to the entrance of the Acropolis, in order that his voice might be better heard. Then, while he continued to speak to them at great length, men whom he had appointed for the purpose collected the arms and locked them up in the chambers of the Theseum..”

Pisistratus, was temperate and mild, and Hence the tyranny of Pisistratus was often spoken of proverbially as ‘the age of gold’; for when his sons succeeded him the government became much harsher.”–Aristotle (Section 16 Athenian Constitution)

So again we see that short term comfort and benevolent tyrrany often devolves into a meaner and harsher iron fisted tyranny later, guaranteed by the disarmament of citizens.

History is rife with tyrannical gov’ts whose very existence can be traced back to a disarmed citizenry. With this in mind, one would think worldly educated people such as Piers Morgan would grasp that Freedom is best guaranteed by armed, educated citizens.

Unless they have something altogether different in mind.

Radio Shack to Kill 500 Stores–Stock Fallen -68% in 12mths

This is a story that hits close to me and is worth the slight departure from normal blogging that I do here.
Its another in a string of sad days for this once great and thriving company. I have very fond and deep feelings for this company that allowed me to earn my stripes as a Mgr and helped me grow so much as a person.

A RS store

But RS is dying a horrible slow death. A 68% drop in share price in a yr. A yr that saw most stks rise 10-20%. Once thought of as a main cog in retail electronics, RS is now a seldom thought of store of last resort.
Instead of kids saying “Neat a cool gift” now you see they say to themselves, “You got me something from Radio Shack?”

Production identification and the brand has been a double edged sword for RS. Like most box stores (Circuit City, Best Buy, Sears, JCP) they have been dealt devastating blows by Amazon and other online retailers.
I still think of the possibility of running another store, but then I remember the ‘other’ parts of managing that come with the title.

They have Mgr positions open locally but I am hesitant to invest time and a future with a company that is flailing about and in its death throes. I long for the days that I could help a customer and know that they were happy when they left and, most importantly, had the right product for their needs. As Mgr. I was able to help employees and future managers grow. That gave me great satisfaction. A person is no better than their worst day, and I tried very hard to have as few of those as possible.

I learned many things while with RS. Perseverance, dedication, loyalty, cooperation, mentoring, patience, and teamwork. I learned to motivate student-employees, motivate parttimers, motivate crusty old vets, and motivate myself. I learned what a P/L was, I learned the glory of profit and “love them parts”. I learned to hate shoplifters and loved shrinking “Shrink”. RS taught me to be a better ME, and in turn make a better RadioShack.
It was worth it then in the 90’s however, but I’m glad I left when I did right before the tech bubble burst in 2000. If I was any closer to the situation than I am now, I am sure I would be truly heartbroken instead of merely nostalgically tearful.

I’ll always be a Shacker. I just wish they were doing better and hope they can find some sort of lightening in a bottle again. If I could help in some small way I would.Writing all of this conjures up some deep emotions much like an old retired ballplayer looking for one more chance for glory.
I really want to manage one again, and am unemployed so the timing is as right as it could be but even now I hear stories that I just can’t relay. It saddens me to see good people either misused or tossed aside.

You don’t get rid of GOOD people when the Macro-problem is the essence of the very business you are in.

But for now I just am sad that a once proud company is contracting and having a terrible time of it.

Old glory

Obama, Feinstein, Piers Morgan, Mass Shootings, Gun Control and Liberty–What Difference Does it Make??

Big title eh?

We, on the right, tend to look at things, or issues, in a logical and HISTORICAL manner. The left, however, feeds off of crisis’ and emotion.

Recently, we’ve seen the left launch themselves on the gun control bandwagon, led by Diane “Dirty CCW” Feinstein, Barack “Skeet Shootin’ Obama and Piers “Carnage” Morgan. They’ve taken the issue of guns, once settled by GWB43 when he allowed the Assault Weapons Ban to expire, and rekindled the mantra “take guns off the street.”

Sandy Hook Elementary and the massacre of 20 innocent 10 year olds gave them the gusto to choose to fight this fight now. Just a month (after Obama was handed (yes, HANDED) his second term, a mad retard of a man burst into the school and killed a total of 26 victims. His first, ofcourse, was his Mother, from whom he had stolen the weapons used later at the school. She had looked into committing him to an institution and he was upset at the prospect.

If it wasn’t SHES it would have been somewhere else. When Gabby Giffords shooting and the Aurora theater shooting did not garner the public outcry needed to circumvent the Constitution, the media made darn sure that a shooting at an elementary school would.

Dianne Feinstein, a long time anti-gun advocate (who curiously enough saw fit to gain her CCW), sponsored legislation on 23 Jan 2013, a mere 3 days after Obama’s re-inauguration. The legislation bans all types of ‘black rifles’ and their pistol cousins (those that are based on the black rifle and AK platform). It does not ban kitchen knives that currently are under a possible ban in the UK (

President Obama, who’se made a career out of not allowing a crisis to go wasted, went onto the campaign trail again to push through his new vision for a gunfree and mass killer free America. He’s feigned sorrow, even shedding tears for the victims in SHES, but he’s vigorously chomped on the basic American Right of the 2nd Amendment. He often takes people to Camp David to skeet shoot, but ignores that the 2nd has zero to do with hunting or shooting sports.

As far as the media is concerned, Bob Costas and Piers Morgan are easily two of the most infantile and egregiously repulsive anti-gun commentators. Costas took to the air on Sunday Night Football during halftime to regale the nation with his vision of events. He absorbed a huge backlash and went on FoxNews to plead his case. (

Morgan however, continues to plod along, getting the dregs of society to watch his show while he focuses endlessly on the question, “Why do Americans need an AR15?” Despite the continual answers given to him by his guests (including a Dana Loesch @dloesch), Morgan refuses to move on from the argument with any type of understanding of the issue. He just doesn’t get it.

Perhaps he’s forgot William Wallace and the resulting rising that gained momentum, as men ‘oppressed by the burden of servitude under the intolerable rule of English domination’ joined him ‘like a swarm of bees’. (

The fact remains that despite how we perceive our current place in history’s ‘civility’, there have ALWAYS been conflict between people of power and the serfs or the citizens of the day.

The 2nd Amendment is based on HISTORICAL needs and lessons learned from blood lost and lives sacrificed to garner a person’s liberty and rights that were given to him by simply being born.

A couple of things are bothering me about the way Conservatives are fighting this fight. It seems our pat answer to the Libs ‘point’ of 11000 gun deaths a yr is to point out that the vast majority of those victims were killed with handguns. This is a self-defeating point that we’d be wise not to continue to make. We need to make the point that the right to bear arms is an ANCESTREAL and historical right that prevents tyrannical despots from usurping the liberty from the governed. It protects the hierarchy of our government where the citizens are the ultimate owners of the country and elected officials work on our behest.

Why We’re Screwed—revisited

A couple of years ago I wrote this about why I thought we had seen our best days. It was even before the Tea Party rise. I admit this is perhaps the most negative post I have ever written, but it contains far more truth than hyperbole.
It still contains alot of hurtful insight into where we stand as Americans. Today’s plight of the Republic’s citizens is harrowing indeed. But there is always hope. God Bless the USA.

Why We’re Screwed
This is the perfect “forum” for what I’m about to write about. We see the complaints, the attacks, the invasions, the limits all over this forum. But not in one space, or in one post.

I got to thinking this morning after watching the “Sharia in America” video.
I mean I knew it for the past couple of years really. But it just coalesced into a clear stream of thought, a sudden clarity, if you will, of insight into what is definitely uncomfortable to talk about.
Our doom.
Oh, yeah…you know it as well as I, we’re toast.
On so many levels, now, in the near term and definitely in the long term, Christian, Constitutional, Freedom loving Americans are the newest form of dinosaur.
Now before you get all pompous and indignant with me, hear me out. And keep that reticule off my head.
Let me list, comprehensively as I can, the array of attacks we “normal” Americans are up against….

Invaders from the South
Industries that either ship jobs overseas or employ the invaders from the South specifically to cut costs.
Wall Street tycoons ramping up numbers and poor lending habits and ignoring established good banking habits.
A government that has ignored input from constituents.
A government where calls and demands can be ignored even at a 80-20 ratio against the legislation.
A government so involved with itself that it can’t go without a midnight pay raise even during a depression.
A government that can’t say “NO” to increased spending.
A government that CAN say “NO” to a fair tax.
A government that has passed numerous bills without reading said legislation.
A government that politicizes and destroys good honest folk that might actually help the country.
A government so broke that the PRESIDENT makes a joke out of it during an ALLSTAR baseball game.
And a state so broke that its issuing IOU’s and people TAKE them???
A government that is dedicated to the very destruction of the tools of its existence.
A government in love with power that it has introduced at least 2 bills capping Free Speech rights.
Jesus has been pulled out of the schools and the debasement of society has gained full steam since, either directly or indirectly a part of the overall scheme.
The acceptance and tolerance of a religion that is based in death and destruction.
A police force that looks to arrest people instead of protecting the innocent.
A police force used as a revenue maker instead of a public safety service.
A police force dedicated to pummeling the perps that takes them on a 2 hour car chase, yet can’t get to a breakin in a timely manner.
A police force with such a one track mind that it always presumes the guilt of a close relative despite the evidence to the contrary.
A police force that is bent on taking guns, even from law-abiding citizens.
A media that is vested in the success of the destruction of the only country that guarantees its freedom.
A media so untrustworthy that people in a poll thought Congress was as trustworthy and that GWBush was almost twice as trustworthy as either.
A media so perverse that it celebrates the vanity of ‘bling” and the decay of what is good.
A media so determined to have its president that it consciously and unapologetically “gets a rush up its leg” and tangibly alters an election by slant of coverage.
A school system that demands tolerance, but demands God stay out of the classroom.
A school system that has a powerful Union so engrossed in a liberal agenda that it promotes inclusion of unhealthy lifestyles into the classroom.
A school system that promotes literacy, yet finds that its textbooks are rife with factual and typographical errors, not to mention what it downright skips or alters.
A school system with employees that routinely are as debased and as unethical as any other known industry, but it happens to be dealing with the NEXT generation and should be held to a much higher standard of conduct than the iron worker or landscaper or plumber or lawyer.
A populace that is so apathetic that it is considered a massive turnout when 55% of registered voters turnout to vote.
A populace so selfish that they consider standing in line an hour to vote an inconvenience and a “hardship”.
A populace that voted for an anti-gun president and then goes out by the millions to buy guns.
A populace so ignorant of the daily news that they think comedians are a way to get real information about current events.
A populace so wrapped up in themselves that they have no idea what Freedoms they have already lost.
A populace so ignorant that they can’t answer common governmental questions.
A populace with minds so dumbed down that they think Communism might be preferable to Capitalism.
A populace so in love with fairness that it can’t see that “more fairness” would actually hurt the working poor.
A populace so ignorant that it elects politicians on looks and not ideals.
A populace who love this country so much that they are too busy rolling in the dough, hunting, taking in a movie, going to puttputt, drinking a beer or 10, smoking weed, watching NSFW vids, to take time out to educate themselves about the very country and original documents that allowed them to live in such a manner.

Yeah, we’re fragged.