Oncoming Storm

The Coming Storm

originally published Jan 2011

America has seen its better days. Our founding fathers specifically expected men of high moral character, lacking the zeal for power in perpetuity, to take care and govern the Republic for a limited time and then retire back to their former private lives. That was a pipe dream. Now, it has become our nightmare. The people are not being represented and are actually being ignored on many important legislative issues.

Since the dawn of our Republic, there has been disunity. The Federalists were countered by the Anti-Federalists. The Whigs by the Democrats. Dissent and disagreement have long been a part of this nations progress. But what has always been present (referring to a vast majority of members) was morality and a sense of duty to the majority of the people.

Now, however, the trend lately has been to ignore the masses and push through culture changing legislation that has been loudly decried by constituents all over the Nation. With TARP 80-90% of callers to the legislative phone centers were against the bill. It was rammed through. Now with the Health Care Bill, again, a huge majority is against this force fed decree. And, again, this time after a phony, one-sided, photo op, “negotiation” session, the powerful Democrats are promising to push through this unfunded, unwanted, ill conceived bill on Monday.
Oflammie is quoted as saying, ‘We’ll do what we have to do and then that’s what elections are for.’

How did it come to this? Why is it standard operating procedure to ignore voters who loudly congregate and protest enmass their distaste and dislike for bills going through Congress? We’re not talking a few hundred meeting and parading through the halls of Congress whining about ERA or Gay Rights or the Million Man March that was MORE than several Hundred men short….

We’re talking about ignoring the working man and woman, who are the absolute backbone of America. The ones that TRUSTED that America would be safe to rear their child in. To invest in. To rely on the US Gov’t to watch their back and protect their interests, yet let them live in peace and with the prospect of LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. Not a guarantee.

It has become common to forget that one is NOT guaranteed to be happy and prosperous in this life. Life can suck. Period. But what IS guaranteed, oops, WAS guaranteed, was that the gov’t would be like a doctor and would do NO HARM to the citizen and would not encumber the citizens ability to raise himself up out of his current status in life.

The Reagan BOOM of the 80’s and 90’s saw more wealth accumulate in more hands and more lives be uplifted than any other period on this Earth. It was the sheer stupidness of the legislative branch calling for ill-conceived home loans to underqualified

peoples that broke the camels back. Had that not happened, had the gov’t chose instead to stay OUT of guaranteeing home loans, people would have slowly been able to rise up out of their conditions and gain true love and appreciation for what they EARNED.

But no. They had to have absurdly guarantee 95-100% financed loans which saw that the home buyer would have little or no “skin” in the game. As the government proves to us on a daily basis, it is easy to spend and blow other peoples money… and default on loans… than it is if we had 10-20% down payment vested in the house that was built for us.

The overriding opinion of the citizens by the elite powers that make up our Legislative Branch, or at least the ones currently in power, is that common people stink and are unworthy of their time or attention. Harry Reid said as much during some presser when referring to a new Visitors Center at the Capitol. He said “”My staff tells me not to say this, but I’m going to say it anyway. In the summer because of the heat and high humidity, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol. It may be descriptive but it’s true.”

Just who does he think he works for?

Each of those tourists come there to see the heart of the Nation. For the history, for the awe inspiring monuments and to get the feel of America’s Greatness. But, to at least one dingledorf, we stink. We, the People, stink. We, the tired, the huddled masses, yearning to breathe free, stink.

Why do the power elite develop such contempt for the common man?

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
John Adams, Address to the Military, October 11, 1798
Adams knew that people of questionable ethics could not be allowed a majority stake in the government. The representatives must be moral and of high character, serving faithfully and under the most high standards.
It is those very type of people that have taken to long careers in public service (which, by it self is commendable), that are prevalent now and have becoming so destructive to the Republic in the long term. It is the belittling, the separation of State from Citizen, the usurpation of the moral code, and the tendency to not come from the private sector, which leaves the nation in turmoil year after year.
While there are no easy answers, one can contemplate the possibilities.
Continued DIS-representation leaves the average citizen with painful choices. Instead of continuing to focus on their careers, livelihoods, and potential educational improvements, now the citizen is asked to refocus his attention onto preserving his nation and his inherited freedoms for his children and the generations that follow.
The common man, ignored, invisible, unappreciated and maltreated has given to this Nation and the World at large monies and treasures that have been mis-spent and criminally wasted for dozens of years. He has mainly stayed out of political strife and debate, focusing mainly on his work, his family, and his God. While others protested their various issues, he was busy trying to regain or recoop lost wages due to “downsizing” or “Outsourcing”. He went on, trying to remain productive and planning for his families financial future.
Then the dam broke. Malfeasance on a grand scale was uncovered and shook the foundations of the worlds banking system. The housing bubble blew like Tsar Bomba. All because of political points scored for a few thousand votes allowing unqualified persons to get home loans. Citizens cried out about the poor management, the excessive bonuses, the gall of the elite.
Then TARP. Companies were “too big to fail”. GM and Chrysler were bailed out by .Gov and shareholders had there holdings wiped out or substantially devalued. All the while, Universal Healthcare was lurking in the background like an 800 pound gorilla.
Tea Parties (Taxed Enough Already) took off. Grass roots campaigns for the common man mobilized and people started marching. But the representatives bellowed out that these were extremists, racists, and right wing ideologs. Their ranks surged with average Americans, tired of being punished by the government. Tired of being EXPECTED to bail out the entire world, not only this once, but systematically and repeatedly over the past 100 years.
If we weren’t shedding our blood “over there”, we were rebuilding entire continents, or financing the development, or financing the peace, or financing the recovery from disasters, both man made and of natural origin. Americans spend more in foreign aid than 90% of the world combined. We rally to help the innocent and the starving all over the world, yet ignore to a large degree our own poor and hungry. Americans money is being spent on the whims of the elected instead of for the benefit of our countrymen.
The average citizen is tired of having their confiscated wealth wasted by poorly overseen or supervised programs where money disappears and ‘managers’ somehow profit personally. They are tired of funding community organizers that advise people on how to cheat on taxes and how to cover their tracks.

I’m not a rich man. Matter-of-fact, I’m a barely OK man. My wife and I earn somewhere around $60000 combined. I have 2 kids. I have multiple cars. I raised my kids to believe that their dreams could be fulfilled if they worked hard enough to earn them. Nothing would be given to them.

But what was ALWAYS there was the PROMISE of a legitimate chance to be what you wanted to be, and the freedom to do as you chose, and select the course of your life through your actions, and not be overly interfered with by the gov’t in any form.

That promise no longer exists. As I look back now at age 45, I can see that the “Promise” hadn’t existed for awhile in some respects. You could acquire wealth freely, if you put your nose to the grindstone, but people in the manufacturing and industrial industries such as textiles and metal construction, found themselves out of jobs at an alarming rate and forced to take lesser paying jobs in order to make ends meet.

The nation moved from a Industrial base to a Service based economy. The high paying jobs vanished and were replaced by cell phone sales or other replacement jobs.

A man could make his way in life based on his prowess, his ability, his guts, and his determination. He still can, yet his accomplishments are taxed at a punitive rate and at a rate that will continue to climb for the foreseeable future. His motivation for success when he considers the overwhelming taxation, not only on his income, but on his death, on his health, on what he buys, on what he sells, on his property, on his animals, on his marriage, on his children, on his education, on his business, on his guns, on his food, on his water, and on the very air he breathes….. he considers all of that and still is motivated to try to be a productive member of society.

Yet, how much longer is that urge to succeed to win out over the choking chains of oppressive taxation that he is burdened with all the days of his life, and unconscionably, after his death? How much longer will Americans be asked to fund the worlds progress and feed the worlds poor? How much longer will we broker peace by paying the agitators off, and yet they stay at each others throats? How much longer are we to put up with “doing the right thing” yet being the whipping boy for all the evil in the world?

Americans do the right thing because we were FOUNDED on that purpose. But we were founded on that purpose to protect our OWN rights, not to support others at the cost of our own liberty.

The Average person in America wants to keep their money. Or more of it. And see what IS taken, at least is spent wisely. But, that’s seemingly too much to ask.

If the government were subject to the same regulations that they impose of charities or the banking industry or Wall Street, they would have long ago been prosecuted for crimes against humanity.