My Letter to Richard Burr About Gun Control

Dear Hon. Senator Burr,
   I have supported you since your first run for office. I believe in every step you have made since becoming a Congressman. You are well grounded and articulate. I believe you exude the qualities that exemplify the best that the State of North Carolina offers.
   It is in that light that I ask you, no… beg you to withstand the surge of anti-gun sentiment that is echoing through the chambers of the Congress.
   The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting. It is not about muskets. It is not about recreational shooting. It is about protecting every other right God has bestowed upon us.
  These semi-autos that are being vilified are not the problem.
   I will close this letter with again the deepest sense of gratitude for you service and your continued dedication to the people of the State of North Carolina, Her State Constitution, and the People of the Republic of the United States and Their Constitution, the most perfect human experiment He has ever created.