So Much For Utopia–and Other Truths From the Desk of Honesty…

Wow. Its been a while since I’ve written anything of substance for the masses that visit me here at my site. But, we’re going to get this rolling and dammit, you’re gonna love it.

Joe Biden, our President, elected by 81 million people who selected him due to Media inspired, big time Lie induced, hatred for President Trump, has so many issues and problems that I cannot continue to NOT speak about them.

In the 9 months he—wait a minute lets check that. JB is NOT pulling the strings, lets make that clear. How many times has he stated, “Well, they really dont want me to answer..” or, “Well you’re gonna get me into trouble…” By making those statements, Biden was, I believe, trying to passively-aggressively maintain or ESTABLISH his own position as THE Head of the Administration.

Think about that. There’s always going to be turmoil and jockeying for favoritism in an Administration. You had Alexander Haig and Casper Weinberger in the Reagan Administration. But EVERYONE knew who was the boss. Even during Jimmy Carters Era, Carter was the guy in charge.

But Biden, who has been trying to be come President since 1988—and failed miserably until 2020 and the South Carolina Primary when a deal was struck with James Clyburn to garner his endorsement, has had zero success in legislative efforts since his inauguration. His biggest claims to ‘progress’ were the Executive Orders striking down dozens of Trumps programs in the frist week of his term.

Since then, Biden has had zero accomplishments, and literally dozens of gaffs, both in speeches and in the Worlds Eyes.

  1. Keystone Pipeline dismantling.
  2. Russian Pipeline OK’d
  3. No Mask Mandates—Til there are…
  4. “I’m losing My Patience”
  5. Climate, Climate, Climate!!!
  6. Iran Nuke Deal 2.0
  7. Border Csar aint Csaring
  8. Taiwan Indecision
  9. Afghanistan Withdrawal Tragedy
  10. Worst Inflation Since Carter
  11. China Grows
  12. Russia AND China Use Navy to surround Japan
  13. The Great Resignation
  14. Supply Chain Breakage
  15. Transport Secty taking 3 MONTH Paternity/Maternity Leave (which role does HE fill?)

That’s quite enough for FOUR years of a term….But in 10 MONTHS??? And most of it is self-inflicted due to arrogance of the Left, and the insane ability of promising MORE than they can deliver—and SOMEHOW people keep freeking falling for it…They always promise freebies, and to TAX the RICH…But when elected, they THEN have to govern and even with control in all 3 Houses, they show that they can’t. EVER.

I’ll tackle only a few, cause daayyyym!


Gas prices have gone up at least $1 per gallon since January. We WERE energy independent for the first time in SEVENTY years…Now we’re back to begging Saudi Arabia to crank up their drilling. The fact that he put into policy such anti-energy initiatives has had a cascading effect throughout the economy. Where once he HAD the chance to be credited (rightfully or wrongfully) with the probable record rebound of an economy coming out of a pandemic, he has overseen the further spiraling decay of an economy that is more woke than productive. Where once he had a chance to be seen as a genius by just letting the country continue to flourish in the rebound, he and his acolytes, saw fit to undo the hated Orangemans policies, without understanding the crushing blow their ‘remedies’ would have on the Average Joe— or worse yet, they didnt care enough to consider it.

Most of these policies can be attributed to the “Green New Deal” and the Paris Climate Agreement.

Why are we in such a hurry to change the weather? We cant predict the weather 2-3 days in advance, but we’re dead certain on the Climate change in 50-100 years? Or to be more accurate, the most “factual environmental documentary” ever cant even predict 10=12 years in advance of their doomsday fear based rhetoric

So why the rush to end the Engine of the Era of the Industrial Revolution? That would fill up many, many blog posts my friends…but suffice it to say, they dont believe that you deserve the power of Self-Determination.

Go through the list of the errors mentioned. Other than the Russia China mentions, each of them can be traced to the choice, or belief of which policy is better– Governmental Control or Individual Rights.

California–and reestablished leftist Gavin Newsome, has set forth a policy where all small engine equipment will be outlawed to mandated to be electric by 2024…and THIS in a state where theres ALREADY rolling blackouts. Can you imagine how much more electricity will be drawn in the over night periods where EVERYONE is charging their precious EV’s?

Ohhhh, thats right…the state is ALREADY telling people NOT to charge their EV’s during certain times…Unbelievable. But you be you Wokesters.


The Super Storm of the Century has arrived. Pandemic…Newly Elected president…Newly empowered Socialist majorities in Congress..$450 million dollar donation from Mark Zuckerberg… Covid Mandates… Workers walking off jobs.. $1.5-3.5 trillion in spending..

Anyone with half a brain could see that 2021 was going to be a challenging year recovering from the pandemic. Constant wavering about new COVID variants (2 more evil vile deadly variants came after Delta—but have seemed to have petered out over the past 2 months), plus the liberal socialist agendas and dream legislation, were destined to make things worse.

Some of these things WOULD have happened under a Trump administration, however, HE would have acted with a business savvy answer. With the Keystone still in action jobs would have stayed, resulting in a rescuing domino affect instead of where we find ourselves.

With the Era of the “Great Resignation” dawning this year due to the COVID freebies, fear of COVID, and being able to work under the table, people have let it be known that they are upset with wages not improving and are upsetting the apple cart. Over 400000 people LEFT the workforce in September ALONE!

Those workers, necessary cogs in the capitalist system and the supply chain, vacated their jobs and have left businesses in a hard crunch and the nation with a labor shortage of a magnitude we’ve never seen before. Yet we have an unemployment rate of 4.8%. We have had a “Labor participation” rate that bottomed out at 60.2% during the lockdown periods of the Pandemic, and which has only bounced back to 61.6% during this ‘recovery’. Aside from the Part. Rate consistently falling from 2001’s 66.8% the Trump Administration had orchestrated the longest rebound of that spiraling downward trend.

From the Bureau of Labor and Statistics—

Basic Capitalism Economics 101 states prices are subject to Supply and Demand. When demand outstrips the ability to supply, prices rise. Fewer workers equal the inability to meet demand. When you have gapping holes in the workforce, and a trend of people walking away from jobs in droves, you have a tidal wave of price increases across the entire economy, based mainly on the inability to get the items to market.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 20: In an aerial view, container ships (Top R) are anchored by the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles as they wait to offload on September 20, 2021 near Los Angeles, California. Amid a record-high demand for imported goods and a shortage of shipping containers and truckers, the twin ports are currently seeing unprecedented congestion. On September 17, there were a record total of 147 ships, 95 of which were container ships, in the twin ports, which move about 40 percent of all cargo containers entering the U.S. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

When you have MORE work being shouldered by FEWER workers, you have an increased strain on the workforce including burnout, sickness, and poor quality control. This further exacerbates the supply side woes and results in even worse conditions.

When Biden took over the Oval Office in January, the inflation rate was 1.4%. By April it had nearly doubled to 2.6%, doubling again in July to 5.4% to where it has stayed steady since. For the past 5 months the inflation rate has stayed above 5%. To give a better idea of how bad those numbers are, a 5% monthly rate has been eclipsed only 3 times before in the past 20 years. The summer of 2009 (June, July, August) where it hit 5.0, 5.6, and 5.4.

Used cars rose almost 30% over a year ago, gas prices leapt near 60%, and the “Core inflation” vaulted to its highest mark in the past 30 years.

And each of those look to continue to rise as the lack of workers continue to plague the recovery. These are some of the same people (me included) that need another used car, need that gas to work, and need to pay for items that help us survive in this day and time.

Whhhew… Holy moly…I could write for days on end, but you know…. I gotta work and do MY part.