Are You a Tebow-hatin’ American?

Tim Tebow—- More Hated than the Taliban???
I don’t deal with sports items too much on this blog but in this case it’s different. Tim Tebow and his very public love and appreciation of Christ is apparently the big event every Sunday.
Tebow is a gifted athlete. He graduated from the University of Florida. He is just the latest and the easiest target for the Hate Christ Brigade.
I don’t know Tebow. I never followed Florida or Denver really. There is more to worry about than a kids game played by spoiled multi-millionaire idiots who burn through their money like dried mesquite.
But this is cuts to the root of what America faces. Tebow-mania and Anti-Tebow-ism are symptomatic of the divide in our nation right now. America is in such a decline that an individual is ridiculed for his public display of appreciation for God’s gift.
Now, let me set this straight. I have always thought that such celebration or ‘thanks’ seemed to be a little self-aggrandizing and self-promoting. But wait.. .wait wait wait…. Wait. Did I say “I always thought…”? Why, yes I did.
Tebow is not the first to “Tebow”. There were Team Prayers even in little league and pee wee football. There have been numerous athletes that point to the sky or kneel after TD’s. It’s been going for decades. Notre Dame’s football field is situated so that a mural Touchdown Jesus can watch from a closeby building.
So-o-o-o, why is there such sudden heat and vitriol about Tebow? The only other time there was this much outcry was when a reject QB from the NFL’s European minor leagues (World League of American Football) by the name Kurt Warner gave thanks to Jesus for the win when he hoisted the Super Bowl trophy after his Rams won the 2000 Super Bowl.
But now even Warner wants Tebow to tone down his rhetoric. Why is it so different just 3 years removed since Warner last led a team (Arizona) to a Super Bowl and last professed his thanks?
What has these people worried about a young athlete that apparently loves God so much? What could be wrong with that?
The deeper meaning, or actually loss of meaning, is that Elite America doesn’t want the Light of God to shine on her inequities and her flaws. People KNOW they need to lead Christ-like lives and they simply refuse to do it. It’s inconvenient, time consuming, uncomfortable, embarrassing, etc. etc. etc.
And what has that freedom to ignore and shun God gotten us? Like other empires that have come before us, we are in a freefall due to degeneration of core values. What once was shamed is now tolerated… What once was tolerated is now the norm… What was the norm is now the exception.
How much of America’s decline is in reality? We perceive the decline because of what we’re exposed to in the media. Downright filth being broadcast in primetime on network TV, biased news, seemingly zero righteous men in high office, venomous lyrics passing as Pop music, horrendous educational industry perpetuating the scourge of ignorance that is epidemic in our republic ABOUT our Republic, the list goes on.
One cannot hope to stem the massive societal trend that we are on now. Tebow can’t do it, Billy Graham couldn’t do it. When Jesus was preaching, even after 4 years, and after so many witnessed his miracles and heard The Word, he only had a handful of women and men that followed him.
We can only hope to control what we truly have control over— Overselves. If we do that, if enough of us truly do that, then the Nation and more importantly the IDEAL of freedom has a chance to recover and again flourish, if not on this continent, perhaps elsewhere on this Earth. Tim Tebow is showing us that, with Grace comes responsibility to acknowledge the Master and to give him the Glory. Tebow has a stage and he is using it to shine the light. It’s not his fault America feels dirty and guilty.

4 thoughts on “Are You a Tebow-hatin’ American?

  1. Also, Tim did a Super Bowl commercial, a couple of years ago, that was pro-life. He and his mother told the story of how she was advised to abort him due to health issues. But she, instead, carried Tim to full term and delivered a healthy baby.

    Good piece.

    • I remember that now. It’s amazing to think how many extraordinary heroes and people have been butchered because they may be listed as “unviable tissue mass”…
      Simply put, people are selfish and reject responsibility.

      Thanks Brock

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