American Soldier

Here is a essay about what I thought of the American Soldier… It was written in one sitting in one uninterrupted thought… I hope you find it as inspiring as the subjects are to me.

American Soldier

He has stood for 234 years. He was a farmer, a lawyer, a doctor, a shoemaker, a haberdasher. He responded to the clarion call in a minutes time.
He shed his blood on his home land against Oppressors, Indians, Brothers, and cousins. He shed it in Concord and Lexington…in hill and valley
He died on April 19, 1775 and yet lives even to this day, and more were born this morning.
He has marched through the greatest cities in foreign lands as victor, but not oppressor.
He volunteered, was drafted, and currently volunteers again.
He has cradled innocent victims and children in his arms and always goes into flaming wreckage to check for living souls.
He is scared and human, but saddles up anyway.
His ranks are filled with prime Americans, and he rails against the corrupt in his midst.
He has sacrificed untold horrors in Bataan, Ho Chi Minh City, in the hills of Korea, on the fields of France, in the Mountains of Afghanistan, in the slums of Baghdad, and on the 7 Seas.
Yet each generation considers himself not a hero and less of a Warrior than the ones before.
Born of different situations, White, Black, Northern, Southern, he has always tried to maintain the dignity of the uniform and the Flag of the Republic he represents.
He has seen things no one can want to see, and things people couldn’t understand.
The rebirth of Berlin, Tokyo, Paris and London after WW2. The death of civilization in North Korea, the madness in Iran, the depths of negligence in Iraq to the resurgence of civilization in Ramadi.
Wherever the American Soldier has gone, his love of Country and the Promise of Freedom has gone with him.
He has the undying gratitude of most of his fellow citizens, and tolerates the disgust of some others. He knows his very presence on a battlefield, or in uniform, allows the ingrates among the citizenry the privilege and right to disagree with his service.
He is an average person doing incredible deeds daily.
He’d rather enjoy pastimes, but cinches up his gear and deploys with an inner heartbreak that only men of high stature can suppress and still fulfill his duty.
He serves proudly in all services, adheres to all his oaths as they Are above all except God.
He IS the American hero.
He is the American Soldier.

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