America…. Mans Greatest Achievement

1776… April 19… 234 years ago (and a half year by now).

Lexington…. Concord… The Green. The Bridge.

Old men… Young men… Farmers… Cobblers. 70 or so

Men, a couple hundred strong, approaching in line… in synch… Marching… In red coats.

A shot rings out.

Who fired that shot has been lost in time, perhaps only known to the shooter and God himself. But whoever he was launched “the shot heard round the world” and started the American Revolution.

These were average men — at least of means. They were, like I said, average farmers, storekeepers, workers, maybe a lawyer or two…
What separated them from their opponents was what was separates most successful people from failures now…. Heart. Desire.
Why couldn’t the greatest warfighting machine defeat a bunch of ragtag, undisciplined louts? What other reason on a grander scale than Heart?

Welcome to my new blog. We’ll be posting thoughts and interests as I see fit with no schedule. I mean, who am I kidding here? I’m just a small droplet in an ocean of Blographery….

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